Starting a Nation A guide

Starting a Nation

Are you unhappy with your country’s decisions? Do you feel like your views are often not represented? Enter me. I have sometimes had the same feelings as you. I thought, It can’t be that hard to run a country, can it? Let me tell you something. IT REALLY IS. But if you still are dead-set on starting a nation, there are a few things you need to know. To start a nation, you need to know the history of nations starting, the effect it would have on the world, and how to start a nation.


Washington. Franklin. Hamilton. Adams. Jefferson. Madison. You know their names. These legends of American history have monuments and paintings all over the world. They don’t look as heroic sweating their butts off though. EWWW, you think, he took that to a whole other level of gross I wasn’t ready for. But that’s how our nation got started. A bunch of middle-aged men in a hundred-degree room arguing about this new ‘Constitution’ or whatever this new-fangled paper was called. They all had their faults. Many were slave owners, Hamilton… well, he couldn’t ‘Say No to This’, and Franklin’s son supported the British. But on May 29, 1790, after all that sweating, the Constitution was ratified by the final state, Rhode Island. We had our country. This is one of many stories of nations starting, but this one changed the world. This leads me to my next topic.


If you start a country, it could greatly affect the world. Think about the U.S. We became one of the most powerful countries in the world, and now everyone is competing with us. Now everyone has to take us into consideration when making a big decision. The same goes for your country. Depending on the decisions you make, you could potentially change the world. No pressure though.

Forming Your Country

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Drum roll, please! Ba-da! How to start your nation. One way to start a nation is to secede from an already-existing country. For example, if people in Kansas felt like nobody cared about them and they were known only as ‘The Middle’ they could see if the majority of Kansans felt this way and sign a petition. They could ask for permission from the government. Let me let you in on a little secret; IT’D FAIL. Sorry, just had to say that right now. But Jake, they could amend the Constitution… you’re thinking. No. No they could not. So basically, the only way to secede is Civil War II, or the state could wait for the U.S.’ downfall. Either way, it’s not ideal. The other way that might work is run away from your country with a group of people, find some random island, settle there, and kill all the native inhabitants, like the Pilgrims.

In conclusion, starting a country is far more than being triggered because your country elected a racist, misogynist, homophobic, orange, fake-haired pig. There are things you have to think about. For instance, the history of nations starting, the effect starting a nation would have on the world, and how to start a nation. But my advice? Be happy that the U.S. hasn’t faded out of relevancy yet. Thanks for that image, Washington Post. And on that note, goodbye, and thanks for reading my paper *cough* rant *cough*.

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