Reflective Introduction Cu 1010 portfolio

Reflective Introduction

In the past few months as I have worked on my portfolio I have learned a few things about myself. I have learned about how my mind works and how to manage myself in my everyday life and in my academic life. I have reviewed my previous and found ways to study material and mentally prepare myself for my exams. When I learned about the forgetting curve it caused me to evaluate how I reviewed and I made changes because I saw that I was forgetting most of what I learned when I took a day or two off from reviewing my notes and it caused me to have trouble remembering the material when I needed it on a quiz. I set short term and long term goals for myself after taking a good look at what values I consider to be important to myself. I needed to consider what I wanted to do in my life so I can be happy and enjoy what I’m doing and after deciding what personal values I consider important it became easier to decide what I truly wish to accomplish in my life. After I interviewed my professor if helped me understand that professors are not too different from students they struggled with some of the same challenges that we struggle with now and that they still like to relax and unwind like we do. I personally discovered that you don’t need a set plan of what you want your entire life to be when you enter college because things change and you might find you don’t feel fulfilled in that major. The professor I interviewed is a grad student doing research here at Clemson University and he told me he never planned on being a professor the opportunity fell into his lap so he took it. This is a big help for me because I have a general idea of what I want to pursue but I’m not absolutely sure so this has brought some stress relief to my life because I was worried about either being stuck doing something I hated or something that wouldn’t make me happy in the end; and knowing that I do need to figure things out right now, that I have time and I can figure out as I go because I might find something I like and be able to go and work in that field and see if I like it and if I do I can pursue it academically. My portfolio has been an experience for me to say the least most of it was good but some of it was bad. I had to dig deep inside myself and evaluate how I talked to myself and I learned that I mostly criticize myself and so since working through the first outcome of my portfolio I have tried to be more positive and listen to my inner guide to have a more positive and outgoing mindset in life. I had to design two exhibits for my portfolio and I had some trouble at first trying to figure out what I really wanted to study about myself so that I could try and find out why I had those problems or insecurities and hopefully find a way to push past them and become a better me personally and scholarly. My first self-designed exhibit was somewhat easy when I decided I wanted to discover more about how I talk myself out of doing things that I want to do because I was scared of what could happen and whether it was me criticizing myself that caused it or if I was trying to defend myself from what could happen so I would not get hurt. This was a very successful for me because I was able to overcome my shyness and do things but I still had some failures because my inner critic and defender got the best of me but I found that I could talk to people I didn’t know at all or go out with friends to a place I had not been before and everything would be fine. My second self-designed exhibit was a bit harder because I wasn’t sure what to do at first then I got a bad grade back on an exam and said I need to see what I am doing in the class I’m doing the best in and see if I can take some of those habits and alter them to help me in the class I am struggling with so I can do better on my exams and ultimately pass the class. My portfolio has opened my eyes to how I operate here at Clemson and so after completing my portfolio I think I will be more successful here and I will be able to get off of academic probation and stay off of it.

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