Journey Log 9 BY Adam Schwartz

The Finish Line

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Also known as the irresistible force paradox, this idea began as an ancient story told in chinese culture regarding a man selling a shield and spear. He claimed that his spear was sharp enough to pierce any shield, while his shield could defend any type of spear. In western culture we refer it to as self contradictory, and we all do it. While I will not be discussing actual physical objects who have superior powers, I am talking about my own actions. Through this extremely tough semester I feel as if I have hit a wall with only four weeks remaining. The sleep deprivation and lack of free time has truly gotten to my head and it has become increasingly difficult to motivate myself to do work. The remaining work ahead seems unimaginable and I feel like I am on my knees crawling to the finish line. Slowly inching my way to freedom, reminding myself of times where all I have to complete is homework and study for test.

In the beginning it all seemed so manageable, complete your work in a timely manner, stay ahead and I’d always outrun the immovable object. That immovable object is failure at the end of the semester, looking it dead in the eyes and realizing that there’s nothing you can do then. Looking back only makes my stomach turn, what if I stayed in and studied that night? What if I just didn’t join that club I thought would make me more social?

As we begin to end this semester, like many students I am desperately trying to hold on to those solid grades, not letting up, and just finishing strong. However those other commitments than school have become overbearing and I find myself sacrificing my own health to just complete both on time. Although I haven’t exactly been in this situation before, I have seen many others face similar battles. Perhaps not moving that immovable object, but avoiding it. Never facing failure to begin with.

So, as I sit here thinking how I will ever accomplish such a monumental amount of work in significantly decreased time than I normally would, what should I do? Unfortunately, this is the time I cannot let myself look off and see that immovable object. I can only focus on that next step, not permitting myself to get ahead of myself. I know I will finish strong, no matter how much time they care to take away from me. I will not rest, I will not myself sleep and until I can make it to the finish line. As much as I just want to quit and relax, I cannot let myself, I must keep pushing. Before you know it those four weeks will be up and there will be nothing more I can do but stand by my work done in those four weeks.

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