Imperialism By: leilandra toilolo

Imperialism is when a stronger country takes over a weaker country. There are lots of countries that went through imperialism, Hawaii for example. In here you're going to learn about the imperialism of Africa, Southeast Asia, and India.

When the Europeans settled they were really successful because they had a similar climate for farming. Some things that made the imperialism of Africa easier for Europe is because they had a lot more advantages. The Europeans had lots of guns, and it was also easier because the Africans where they settled were infected due to germs. Some of the possible causes as to why the imperialism of Africa happened are overuse of natural sources, rise of naturalist movements, prejudice and more.

During the imperialism of southeast Asia, they claimed the lands Singapore, Malaysia and Burma. The British made an immigration policy that encouraged the Chinese to move to Malaysia. This was not a good idea because after they had moved, a conflict started between the Chinese and the Malaysians.

When the British took over India it became the largest colony in Asia and had the best and the most varied natural resources. The English taking over actually benefited the people of India a lot. There was more order and security, they built schools for the children, they had railroads, telegraph, and even learned how to speak English. Some downsides to them taking over are that they were taxed, racially judged, and forced to grow things other than food which resulted in the death of about 30 million people due to starvation.

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