Colonial Manners By: Maria

How would you feel if you had to follow 100 manners everyday? I know, horrible. Though we still have rules today, all kids and adults had to be very proper back in the colonial times. And just to name a couple, they had table manners, drinking manners, and plenty more. Boy, did people have it rough back then!

One type of manner back then that you might have in your own home today, are table manners. For example, You shouldn't clean your teeth with the table cloth, your fork or knife, you shall use a tooth pick. A second one is, you should keep your fingers clean, and when their very dirty wipe them on a corner of your napkin. One other example is: If others are talking at the table, join in and talk, but not when you have food in your mouth. As you can see, those are just a few of them. Imagine if there were 97 more!

dining in colonial times

Another manner people had back in the colonial times were drinking manners. For instance; When you are with others, especially your betters, never rinse your mouth. Another manner is, Do not drink to gentle neither to fast. When you are with others, especially your betters, never rinse your mouth. One more; You shall not look around nor gaze when you're drinking. Those are some drinking manners people had in colonial times.

As you can see, colonial times were harsh with tons of manners. Remember: you had to keep clean at the table, and you couldn't goof of while eating or drinking. I don't think you would like following 100 manners every day.


Created with images by Boston Public Library - "Old Capitol Building and Colonial Coach, Williamsburg, Va."

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