Canbury School Newsletter 26th June 2020. issue 209

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

One more week to go - just one! Then we can all collapse in a well-earned heap, and stay there for the summer! But before we do.....don't forget it's Canbury Quiz Night tonight from 7pm. Everyone who wanted to attend should have received their google hang out invite by now. If you haven't please email Mrs Rich on prich@canburyschool.co.uk and she will send you one. But please, earlier than later, as Mrs Rich like the rest of us will be getting "dressed to impress", which is tonight's theme. If you'd rather come casual, that's fine too. Don't forget, it's not the winning, it's the taking part that counts!

We had a wonderful morning on Wednesday with our bubbly enthusiastic Year 7s who are set to join us in September. There was much excitement as we "introduced" them to each over using the wonders of modern technology. I must say, absolutely nothing surprises me now - and I think most of you feel the same. Our new informal motto "Canbury Can" is having the most positive effect.

Next week is action-packed, so do please ensure your child knows where they should be, with what, on what day and at what time. Mrs Rich has sent out a timetable for the week but in a nutshell, this is what it looks like:


Normal remote teaching and learning.


9.50am - Registration in form groups (those at home only).

10am to 11am Chat and Cake at Canbury.

1.50pm - Registration in form groups (those at home only).

2pm to 3pm Chat and Cake at Canbury.


Normal remote teaching and learning.


9.50am - Registration in form groups.

10am to 11am - Online Escape Room.

11.00am to 11.30am - Break

11.30am to 12.30pm - Canbury Talent Show. Don't forget to send in your recordings of you and your amazing talent to reception@canburyschool.co.uk by midnight on Tuesday 30th June. No recordings - no show. 

12.30 to 1.30pm - Lunch

1.20pm - Registration in form groups

1.30pm to 2.30pm - Canbury Olympics


9.50 am - Registration in form groups

10am to 11am - House Quiz

11am to 12pm - Assembly.

12 noon - Break up for the summer!

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Year 7

Karim for his excellent work on 'Awful Auntie', the book by David Walliams.

For beautiful Spanish booklets created this week by Layla, Karim, Angus, Thomas aka Manuel, Jessica, Evia and Chloe. Great work everyone.

Year 8

Very colourful projects from Adam and Ross in Spanish this week. Well done gentlemen.

Year 9

Well done everyone in Year 9 Spanish this week for their end of module booklets which have been very well presented with particular mention to Harry A, Shaaiyon and Ottie for their very colourful ones.

Year 10

Lots of hard work from Seb, Harry B and Armani, completing Spanish GCSE conversation questions in preparation for next year. Your work ethic has been marvellous.

Year 12

Top tips and reflections - what can you be grateful for today? Seeing people. Layla.


Canbury Olympics

Are you ready?

The Olympic Games in Tokyo may be cancelled this summer, however fear not, you will be able to get your sporting fix next Thursday when Canbury hosts its very own Olympic Games!

Between 1:30- 2:30pm all students in Year 7 to 10 (any students in Year 11, 12 & 13 can also participate, (please email Mr Barnes if you are interested!) will take part in a virtual Heptathlon style event, with seven fun sporting challenges to complete at home. As it’s the Olympics Games students will obviously be competing for personal glory, but there will also be a house competition as well.

The actual events are a closely guarded secret, however you will need the following equipment for the afternoon:

Stopwatch or timing device (a phone is fine)

A towel

A plastic water bottle (preferably 500ml).

A saucepan

A pair of socks

A laundry basket

10 non sharp/non breakable household items (tin cans, books, TV controller- anything like that)

Hangout invites for this will be sent to students early next week. Get limbering up.......

Top tips and reflections - I looked after myself by: Going for a walk in the fresh air. Mrs Rich.

Here's Anders planting out lavender in his garden last week.

Wall sit challenge.....penultimate week of the leaderboard.

Who will be the ultimate winner? Has everyone else been secretly wall-sitting at home and are about to come out of the woodwork to snatch victory from Felix at the 11th hour? Results will be revealed on the last day of term.

Top tips and reflections - what cheered you up today? Listening to my playlist on Spotify. Seb.

Tie dye fun - whatever next?!

Textiles club, introduced during lockdown, has proved a great hit with a number of our students. Writes Mrs Mascari: "We managed to get making tie dye t shirts, matching tie dye headbands and tie dye boho turban hats, as seen in these photographs. Evia and Chloe in Year 7 loved it so much they turned up every week.

Now that they know how to make them, the girls said they'd be dishing them out for birthday and Christmas presents in the years to come! So easy and fun to make. This club was held every Thursday lunch on Google hangouts. We had our last session yesterday."

Mrs Mascari's creations, coming to a boutique near you soon?!

Top tips and reflections - what cheered you up today? When I did the rainbow for the NHS. Karim.

Mrs Porter is particularly proud of this begonia plant which she has managed to keep alive throughout lockdown despite all her other plants not doing so well. She also says "thank you for the laughs in Spanish club this week". You Spanish students do know how to keep her happy!

Top tips and reflections - I looked after myself by: Cycling and sticking to daily routine. Mrs J Davies.

Views from her bike ride - Mrs Davies stop sff in Richmond and spots a young wildlife family too.

Goodbye and good luck from the Clancy Canbury Citchen Cookey Club - it's been a blast!

Matthew A, Flora and Lucas once again took part in Clancy's Canbury Citchen Cookery Club yesterday - sadly the last of the series. The "CCCCC" has proved a runaway success, with Ms Clancy sharing instructions over hangouts, above the noise of sizzling pans and chopping of vegetables. We hear on the grapevine that our Head Mistress is going to miss her weekly sessions with her culinary students.

Left to right: Ms Clancy's keema with pitta bread in creation (1,2,3) and Matthew's finished dish (4). What will all you new cooks create this summer?

All we can say is, just because Ms Clancy won't be leading from the front, there's nothing to stop you putting your newfound cookery skills to good use throughout the summer. Ready, steady, cook!

Top tips and reflections - what cheered you up today? That "it's Friday" feeling. Mrs Bowen.

Small things - big gains.

Top tips and reflections - what can you be grateful for? My friends and family. Ain.