MMHS Counseling Newsletter November 2020

You did it! You've made it through 1st term. Now is a great time to evaluate how you did and make some new goals for second term. Counselors will begin the Sophomore PCCR (Plan for College and Career Readiness) process online starting November 2nd. I've included a link below for students to follow step by step. If you have any follow up questions, make sure to contact your counselor.

Seniors, make sure to complete your college admissions and fill out your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This is a great time to get those important items done toward your next steps for college. You can refer to our MMHS Counseling UCAW page for more information.

In December, we will send out information regarding semester class changes and what that process will be. Most likely all class changes will be made through an online class change form just like the beginning of the year. Due to a high volume of class change requests now at the term, I wanted to remind students and parents that we do not do class changes at the term breaks.

Upcoming Events

October 29th- 5:00-8:00 pm UVU Virtual Open House

November 1st- Sophomore PCCR (Plan for College and Career Readiness) available.

November 2nd- BYU Priority Admission Deadline

November 5, 6, 11, or 20-Snow College Snow Blast Day Events. These are colleges tours for different programs. Visit Snow for more information.

November 14th & 21st- MMHS ACT Prep Class. Cost is $50. Sign up in the finance office.

November 16th- Regents Scholarship Application opens.

November 18th- Virtual USU Open House Event

November 21st- U of U Engineering Day. 9:00am-1:00 pm Virtual Event. Register here.

December 4th- Priority Deadline for Regents Scholarship.

Scholarship Opportunities

November 1st- (Priority Deadline) University of Utah Explore More Scholarship

November 2nd- HOBY (Hugh Obrien Youth Leadership Conference). MMHS can nominate a sophomore student to attend the HOBY youth leadership conference. It is a good opportunity to learn new leadership skills and meet students from around the state. Conference may be virtual this year.

November 6th- Sterling Scholar-For seniors, to honor their pursuit of excellence in scholarship, leadership and citizenship in one or more of the 14 following categories: English, Math, Social Science, Science, World Language, Computer Technology, Skilled & Technical Science, Family & Consumer Science, Business & Marketing, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics, Vocal Performance, Visual Arts, Instrumental Music, Dance. This is a competition that could go onto semi-finals and finals for the Wasatch Region. Look for an application on MMHS Counseling website.

November 10th-Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

November 15th- Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship

November 15th- Daniels Fund-Selection process is based on financial need.The Daniels Scholarship Program provides the opportunity for highly motivated students to earn a bachelor’s degree that helps them build a successful career and rewarding life. Daniels Scholars demonstrate exceptional character, leadership, and a commitment to serving their communities.

November 15th- Geneva Rock Scholarship- To be eligible, applicants must be currently enrolled in an accredited university, college, trade or vocational school. Scholarship applicants must be in pursuit of construction-related careers including, but not limited to: Construction management, civil engineering, business, and commercial/professional sales. Students involved in trades such as welding, diesel tech, heavy equipment operations and building tech are also welcome to apply. High school seniors are eligible to apply, but must be enrolled in one of the previously mentioned institutions. All applicants must have received, (or be in the process of attaining), their high school diploma or GED.

November 20th- Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge- For Juniors who want to participate in a four day conference with college professors and historical interpreters at Valley Forge and tour Valley Forge, Independence Hall, Constitution Center, and Liberty Hall. If chosen, applicant pays $400 of the $1200 cost. THe Utah Freedoms Foundation covers the remaining cost of conference.

December 4th- Priority Deadline for Regents Scholarship.


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