From the time we first introduced our STARFISH Program almost 20 years ago, we have watched proudly as countless campers “bought in” to a camp culture that promotes and reinforces our core values in everything we do at Timber Lake Camp. We believe that we have created a community of caring and compassionate young leaders who can truly make a positive difference in our camp world and beyond.

To learn more about how the TLC STARFISH Foundation “makes a difference” through each of the charitable categories below:

The TLC STARFISH Foundation believes that the summer camp experience should be available to ALL children, not just to those who can afford it.

For many, summer camp is or has been a life-changing experience; an opportunity to explore new interests, make life-long friends, and be themselves in a safe, supportive environment.

The Foundation and its partners are committed to providing summer camp experiences to children who never imagined it was possible.

The TLC STARFISH Foundation knows that above all else, education has the ability to transform the course of children’s lives for the better.

A strong education coupled with the right resources and support, both inside and outside of the classroom, can unlock opportunities and empower children to realize their full potential in their education, careers and communities.

The Foundation partners with organizations that are committed to the vision that education can be “the great equalizer” of our society.

The TLC STARFISH Foundation understands the important role that strong communities play in the development of our children.

The Foundation partners with local communities and youth organizations to provide children with programming and resources that aid academic achievement, support social development and reduce exposure to harmful influences.

The TLC STARFISH FOUNDATION believes that all children should be well cared for regardless of their circumstances and that despite life’s challenges, whether it be hunger or illness, children DESERVE a champion.

That is why the Foundation partners with a variety of organizations to ensure that children receive the resources and care they need to live happy and healthy lives.

In addition to teaching values like sportsmanship, tolerance, appreciation and respect at camp, we plan to partner with the TLC STARFISH Foundation on a number of new programs.

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