PERFECT PARENT PARTNERSHIP MEET the parents behind the CO KIDS brand...

Many FABULOUS parents have worked flexibly with us over the years to make CO Kids Early Years Photography what it is today. This mini brochure is a shout out to all parents that have made us what we are!

CO Kids is an off shoot of CO Photography and Design LTD founded by Primary School best friends Carrie and Charlotte who, now grown up (sort of), raise their own primary school age children and families.

Charlotte (left), Carrie (right)

After years of photographing in nurseries for publicity purposes, it dawned on us that Mums and Dads might like the photographs we were producing too! We trialled the idea with parents who, it turns out loved the photographs (YES!), especially the natural lit style, and so in 2019 CO Kids Early Years Photography was born!

Over the years, whilst babies have been tucked up safely in bed and the babysitter booked, parents have ventured out to join us at our evening get togethers and told us about the photography styles they want to see (they might have sampled the odd glass of vino too, so miiiigght we).

“We have a massive love for supporting and empowering parents, especially Mums. We are Mums ourselves, we have Sons and Daughters in the mix.

The effect we can have on others is a real motivating force behind the way that we work. If we can support Mums and Dads on their parenting journey, whether that be producing awesome photography of their child or recruiting parents into our team, we find ourselves very happy people.”

Carrie and Charlotte

" Not every day is easy.... I want photos that give me a reason to stop, breathe and appreciate. " One parent told us at a parent event.

Serious love for the parents we work with....(especially when they do things like this...whoooop.)

Shout out to all parents in the world. Here's to more adventures!

Protect parents from disappointing pictures of their kids. With CO Kids Early Years Photography get photographs parents LOVE and serious commission for your nursery, the perfect parent partnership.