Why Your Gift Matters 2016 Annual Report

We all give to feel good, but knowing your one gift can help several populations at once makes you feel great. Pennsylvania Masons and families and friends have a lot to be proud of, including the Masonic Charities. The charities have done good work for generations, and they have a great amount of stability. For donors, you know your money is going where it’s needed most. It’s heartwarming to see children growing up, the needs of the elderly being met and everything else they do. I have an appreciation for it all, because it stems from a mission many of us believe in: simply blessing those in need.”
-Bill Underwood, Mason and annual Masonic Charities Fund donor, New London Lodge No. 545

More than Just a Building

You help the Masonic Temple educate, display and preserve history every day.

"It was a proud moment passing on the tradition of Freemasonry to my son, and visiting the Temple together for a special initiation ceremony made it 20 times better. The Temple showed him our history and who we are today as members of the greatest fraternity in the world. The Temple is something that my brothers and I were always proud of, and now my son is, too."
- SHAUN SPONAGLE, Mason and father, Lamberton Lodge No. 476

You Invest in Leaders

Your gifts prepare young adults to become leaders in their communities.

"Through DeMolay, I've traveled across the country for training, planned programs on my own and led and bonded with kids my age. I've always struggled with public speaking - actually, I hated it. Now, I can get up in front of crowds. I've also learned the importance of charity. You never know what a small amount of money or just a conversation can do for someone."
-TYLER MOYER, age 17

You Change the Lives of Children

The most important gift you can give a child is a bright future.

"I love being around my friends and people who constantly show so much love and care for my well-being. Because of people who give, I have been able to focus on my academics, play my favorite sport and have the chance to go to college, which is pretty important to me."
-ABA, high school junior

You Help Build a Community

You have helped Masonic Villages become a place people can turn to, regardless of their financial circumstances.

"When we reached our old age, my husband said he wanted me to be taken care of after he was gone. He knew I spent my whole life taking care of everyone else, and he wanted a break for me. If he were here now, he'd be so pleased with how people meet my every need, no matter how big or small. I'm encouraged to be independent, but I also know people are here if I need them. I never thought I would live to 100, but I'm happy I have. People here just make living easy."
-BETTY STEPP, resident

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