Assessments Pages 251-252

A suspicious coin Page 251

Populations involved: The number of heads flipped and the number of Tails flipped

Hypothesis: The coin has to be unfair because there is a slight but big enough difference to convince you that the heads is more likely to be flipped

Null Hypothesis: With respects to the number of heads and tails flipped I believe the coin is in favor of tails

Chi squared statistic:

My Work of the Chi squared number (sorry its sideways I don't know how to fix it)

To sum things up: I believe that the coin is in favor of heads because of the chi squared number which is 21.46 and the p value is 0.0001 and when you look at what the p value stands for its basically telling you what percent chance you have of being wrong and your null hypothesis being right and in this situation the null hypothesis has a chance of 0.01% of being right so therefore seeing that the null hypothesis is a hypothesis that is meant to be wrong I say that we have a pretty clear answer as to which side was in favor and which side wasn't.

Confidence level: I would give my confidence level on a scale of 0-10 a strong 8 because I have provided enough evidence that it was in favor of heads but there still maybe some other arguments out there that could prove me wrong.

To Market, To Market

Population:Men and Women

Hypothesis: I believe that the soda would be more successful among men because more men where asked if they would prefer the new soda over the old soda than women

Null Hypothesis: With respects to men and women asked, it would be more successful in women because less people where surveyed

Chi Squared statistic:

These are the chi squared statistics for Both men and women

To conclude: The chi squared numbers bigger for men that it is for women and therefore men are statistically more likely to like the new soft drink. Men chi squared 3.6, Women chi squared 0.06. The reason that more men would like the soft drink would be because the p value of the equation is 0.0578 and that would mean that there would be a 5.78% chance of the null hypothesis being right. The women p value was 0.600 so that would mean that there would be a 60% of the null hypothesis being right. Remember we don't want the Null Hypothesis to be right we are trying to prove that wrong.

Confidence Level: I would give myself a solid 10 because I explained in great detail why I think that men would like the new soft drink more over women. Explained the chi squared statistic plus the significance of the p value.


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