all about toucans by chirs

why are toucans hunted ?

well birds like the harpy eagle they hunt on these guys owls hunt on the toucan to you maybe didn't know that owls were in the rain rain forest.

save the toucan

we can help the toucan by stop taking there homes and hearting them we have to help these poor animals we people should make shelters for them like a senor citizen.

there diet

they eat other bird eggs and rodents fruit and other stuff like that the picture at the bodom is a type of fruit.

why are there beasks so big

well they were born like that mabe when there young there beaks were small then when there older they have a full groan beak its like when you grow you grow into and adult

were do toucans live ?

toucans live in the tropical rain forest near water they live near water so they have some thing to drink and maybe it helps there environment.

And beyond

out in the world there are the toucans there is not just one there is a family of these birds and we will find them.


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