FITT and SAID Puneet Gill 8F


F- frequency, meaning how often you exercise. This is important because it helps find balance and figures out the right amount of stress to the body so it can adapt.
I- intensity, meaning the amount of effort or work that is put into a certain workout.
T- time, is basically how much time each individuals exercise or workout should last. Time is depended on intensity and type.
T- type, meaning what type of exercise will you perform specifically.


The SAID principals stand for "specific adaptation to imposed demands" which basically means 'the body will specifically adapt to the types of demands placed on it.'

The FITT plan is a general guideline that refers to what should be included into a fitness plan. A average teenager should start to develop a plan because it helps with further help and staying fit in general. It is recommended that a everyday teen should get at least one hour of physical activity almost everyday. To achieve this we will need a schedule and/or plan. For a grade eight student you should be able to run 4-6 miles per day and slowly increase by time. Running isn't the most important thing we also need some cardio in between the different days. Cardio should at least be done 3-4 times a week, and when you keep working at cardio you will gradually get better. Cardio and running is the first few things you should lean toward when you first start fitness as a grade 8 student. gradually you will get better and be able to manage FITT and you will be ready for the next schedule and plan that would be put after.

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