Benito Mussolini By: DeeDee Cross


Born in 1883 in Forli, Italy

Due to his father being a passsionate socialist and resistance to power, Mussolini was kicked out of many schools for defiance to authority and bullying

Created Fascist Party in 1921

Movement was created to oppose social class discrimination and support nationalistic opinions

How Mussolini became a successful dictator

Rise To Power

Created Black Shirts -> Got rid of other political opponents

Declared that he was the only one who could save Italy's chaos

Italy declares that it will invade Ethiopia and later capture it's capital as a declare of power
Made a pact with Germany (Hitler) called "Pact of Steel" which caused discrimination policies against the Jews in Italy

Joined war with Germany after Germany attacked Allies

Allies planned to invade Italy, caused Mussolini to step down and be arrested

Later tried to escape with his mistress, but underground Italy found out and had him and his mistress executed in April of 1945

Fun Facts

* Was a school teacher for a short amount of time

* Was thrown out of Austria in 1909 because he criticized nationalism and militarism

* He originally hated Hitler because he also wanted to "rule the world"

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