My Experience At The FLMNH Margaret DESROSIERS

This image is of me in a mock Calusa hut.The darkness of the hut added to the experience by adding some authenticity to what the inside of the hut would have most likely been like. The murals and pieces of art that decorated the walls and the clothing on the Calusa people were also important in helping me transport into the time period of the Calusa people. This exhibit caught my eye because unlike most of the other exhibits where they were displayed in glass casing along the walls, this exhibit was in a mockup Calusa hut that you had to enter specifically. The Calusa people were in control of Southern Florida for a while who were displaced by the Europeans. I was able to understand a lot of the differences between the Calusa people and the Europeans that must have created a barrier that was hard to overcome. This exhibit made me feel like I was a part of the Calusa tribe and made me appreciate the experience .
Nature and Ethics: The FLMNH has exhibits that are meant to make you see parts of our past so that we can better understand the consequence that our future actions will have. In this image I am standing in front of a Mammoth. The cause of their extinction had a lot to do with hunting, climate change, and disease. A lot of which we had an effect on as humans. As our world continues to grow and modernize there are a lot of other animals and species that are affected. Many times humans believe that they should have access to every piece of land and don't give a thought towards the other species that use that space as well. Seeing this Mammoth is person allowed me to see the size of the creature and question what effect we had on the mass extinction of an entire species. The whole museum was set up in a way that really made you think about nature and the human race's effect.
Nature and The Human Spirit:Nature is beautiful and I found the Butterfly Rainforest to be especially nice. It was tranquil and quiet and the space was used quite well. Although we were still in Gainesville, the place where we go to school, it felt like we were secluded from the fast paced campus. The koi ponds and butterflies flying around made me feel like a little kid again when my face lit up every time I saw another butterfly.

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