Good Life Nature Activity Maria A. De Andrade

Nature on Display

The instruction for this page was to find an exhibit that immersed you in nature. The butterfly rainforest literally did that. The lush vegetation, colorful flowers, and ubiquitous butterfly made me forget that I was at a museum. The experience of seeing the butterflies in person can not be compared to seeing pictures in a book. Their beautiful colors and patterns are vibrant as you watch them flutter to nearby bushes. This exhibit was the most appealing to me because it was a real experience, not a video or simulation.

Nature and Ethics

The museum was interesting because it recreated different ecosystems of Florida for us to experience. As a visitor, you can walk through dark, damp caves or take a mini stroll under the trees. Each exhibit attempted to give the visitor the entire experience, as if it were the real thing. Along with the visuals, the visitor can listen to the background recordings of animals or insects that would live in that ecosystem. The museum gave us the opportunity to enjoy nature the way Leopold recommends by highlighting the interesting facts of the ecosystem and recreating the beautiful aspects of each landscape.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Along with the ecosystems of modern-day Florida, the museum included exhibits of millions of years ago. The skeleton of the giant ground sloth was the first thing to catch my eye. It is unbelievable how something so large roamed the same land I live on today. What is even more shocking is that it wasn't the tallest animal to live. The realization that Earth is very old and we as humans have only lived here for a very small portion of time came to me as I read about the extinct species that lived her long ago. It makes you wonder how long we will be here. Will our species become extinct? Or will we evolve into something else that differs from our appearance today?

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