Nebraska Golfer December 2019

1 - Youngscap: A Pioneer

Photo by Stu Pospisil/Omaha World-Herald

Dick Youngscap was presented with the Virgil A. Parker Special Recognition Award at the NGA's Annual Awards Banquet last month. The award was established to recognize individuals for their contributions to the game of golf in the state of Nebraska. Youngscap is the mastermind behind the development of the famed Sand Hills Golf Club, as well as Firethorn Golf Club. He started a movement that has spread across the country and beyond. Visit the button below to read his story.

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2 - 2019's Best Golfers

The best amateur golfers in the state were honored at the NGA's Annual Awards Banquet at The Country Club of Lincoln on November 15. Aurora's Caleb Badura and Elkhorn's Ryan Nietfeldt shared the 2019 Nebraska Amateur Golfer of the Year honor, the first time the award has been shared in more than a decade. Fremont's John Sajevic was recognized as the 2019 Nebraska Senior Golfer of the Year, for the seventh time in eight years. Aurora's Danica Badura became the second player to win the NWAGA Golfer of the Year and Nebraska Girls' Golfer of the Year awards in the same year. Lincoln's Josh Bartels captured the 2019 Nebraska Junior Golfer of the Year in his last year of eligibility. Tap the button below to watch their highlights, hear what they had to say about their honors, and read more about their seasons.

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3 - Robak Elected First Female President of NGA

The Nebraska Golf Association conducted its Annual Meeting on November 15 at The Country Club of Lincoln, and new officers were elected, including Lincoln's Kim Robak, who will become the Association’s first female president. Tap the button below to read more about Robak, her background and her goals for the NGA, and also meet the other new board members.

4 - World Handicap System 2020

The way you compete on a fair and equitable basis is changing next month. That is when the World Handicap System will launch, and golfers from all over the globe will be able to use the system to compare and compete. There are many changes ahead, and some that golfers should begin to get familiar with. NGA Manager of Association Services Ben Vigil sat down with Sam Oehm, the NGA staff lead for Handicapping, for a Q&A session on the WHS and important things for our members to know. Listen to the podcast at the button below.

5 - Golf's New Rules: Accidental Deflections, a How-To Guide

There are a lot of things on a golf course that can deflect your ball while it is in motion. Accidental deflections is an area that has become significantly easier to understand and apply in the 2019 Rules of Golf thanks to the new general outcome that you will play your ball as it lies with no penalty. However, there are still some exceptions when playing your ball as it lies is not an option. Let’s take a deeper look at the button below.

6 - A Look Back on 2019's State Champions

The NGA crowned 12 state champions in 2019, some of them new and others who added to an already full trophy case. There were some intense battles, incredible moments and lots of great golf. Take a look back at this year's champions at the button below.