1960's Protest Music David Lee

1. Aretha Franklin

2. Respect (Originally by Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin covered this song)

3. It was recorded and written originally by Otis Redding in 1965, but Aretha Franklin covered the song in 1967 on Valentine's Day (February 14th)

4. "Baby I Love You" "Chain of Fools" "Rock Steady"

5. The lines 15 to 21 mean that African American women are willing to do anything for the Civil Rights movement but want credit returned. The song itself represents black empowerment and the want of respect from the African American women.

6. It relates to the 1960s by presenting a song for black empowerment. Unlike the Black Power movement, this instead calls for the equal treatment of both sides alike.

7. When the song was released, the Black Power movement was causing violent protests across the US. The Vietnam War was escalating. The Civil Rights Movement began to break down.

8. The inspiration and message of the song was to give more credit to the African American women who fight for Civil Rights but get overlooked.

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