Definition of poetry: Literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature.

"To Fish From The Sky"

The name of this poem is called "To Fish From The Sky." There are multiple reasons for why I chose this poem, mostly because I like the outdoors. And the poem really hooked me on. The poem had very little litteral language, and was mostly figurative. What I took out of the poem can be seen in my annotations. The speaker of the poem makes me feel like it is questioning people, and how they act. I feel like the speaker is also saying to relax and let bad things flow away. Maybe suggesting to hook on to the good things in life that are worth your time. People misstake peoples thoughts and beliefs about things, but those people may have the key to success. You just got to let them do there thing while you do your own.

"Advice From The Grackle"

By Susan Howe

The speaker of this poem makes me think about taking care of life, keeping friendships, and not abusing things. People may take it in differently, but I believe 100% that you should hold on to the things you care about, including family, friends, and hopefully you think the earth aswell. This relates to me because I think that family is very important, and not enough people care about the earth. People need to change their mindset and recycle, or not trash areas.

"Roadside Kitchen Skillet"

By Gregory Pardlo

This poem is called "Roadside Kitchen Skillet"' the poet is Gregory Pardlo. The reason I chose to use this poem in my anthology Is because back then people didnt take offense to anything people said, now people cant stand people or there actions, some think they have the right to talk about people or tell them how to act. Nobody has the right to control others, and they also cant say things about how they live, some people arent like others, there lives can be terrible but they try the hardest to hold everything back. You cant be quick to judge others.

"The Delight Song"

By N. Momaday

The poem "The Delight Song" by N. Momaday is being used in my refthink lection for multiple reasons. I picked this poem because it seemed like the speaker was trustworthy and loving of the environment. The speaker is compared to many things found in nature, and it seems that they respect the outdoors. I also do, and the peom relates to me because I also care about the environment, and I am respectful.


By Lorine Niedecker

The poem "Wilderness" by Lorine Niedecker represents raising a family. The speaker of the poem made me feel that different families have different obstacles they need to overcome, while they may think that its not possible to overcome, it is if they work together. This is the truth with alot of things, ive noticed it in sports. One person cant do all the work for a team and expect to win. Most everything is a team effort.

"If Nobody Ever Marries Me"

By Lawrence Alma

This poem can be relatable by many people. Some may not want to be in relationships, or wants to but cant. The speaker of the poem shows me that you should let things flow without forcing it, let things happen as they happen, good or bad, think of the good side of things, and if there isnt a good side, think how it could have been worse, and pray for it not being worse.

"The Whale"

By Hilaire Belloc

What I took from this poem is that you should always stay strong. Dont let others walk all over you and don't listen to people's negativity. But don't be stubborn and not listen if they are trying to offer help. You should help people as much as possible and not ask for things in return, also if people say you are weak or make fun of you, they are the weak ones, they should keep to themselves and not talk about people. You would be a leader.


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