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Jaffna Public Library

One of the symbol which depicts the idea what Jaffna is. A gargantuan structure built in 1933 in order to provide a common acquaintance platform which can be used by everyone. One of the largest libraries in Asia run by the Municipal Council of Jaffna. Oftentimes called as the 'Knowledge Treasure of North'. It's a famously known landmark surrounded by big trees and plants located out of the Jaffna City territory and very close to the coastal area and famous schools of Jaffna where anyone can find a peaceful environment to utilize.

This library's collection include books, periodicals, newspapers, manuscripts, films, maps, prints, documents, CDs, cassettes, videotapes, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, e-books, audiobooks, databases, and other formats of user available resources. There are facilities for the convenient reading of blind people. It offers mobile library access periodically. Reference sections, newspaper section, study hall, lending section, youth corner , a computer unit powered with wifi connectivity, an auditorium, lecture rooms, photocopy stall, kids section are the main sections and units in this library.

For more than hundreds of daily readers and users it provides essential services unexplainable just with words. The users are people with variety of age groups. Their quest varies with their purposes. But this library gives answers for each and every quests. Even a 3 years old child has things to deal with. Lot of university students and professors get enough resources to do their research works and thesis.

Karthigai Dheepam - a Festival of Lights

A Hindu festival observed in most of the Hindu homes and temples which falls in the month of mid-November to mid-December. Lighting up lamps specially called as 'agal vizhakku' which lights in coconut oil and decorated around the home during the night times.

The glow of oil lamp will make our future bright. The fire will burn all our sin. Our hearts are flourished with the presence of divinity.

Livelihoods of people

An old woman eagerly waiting in a morning market to sell spinach in order to make some money to fulfill the needs of the day. Yearning for something essential is clearly exposed in her eyes.

A tractor driver unloads parts of a plant to be used as a natural fertilizer. Still in some areas in Jaffna, farmers follow conventional methods in their agricultural activities. They are not ready to go with artificial fertilizers which create ill effects. They really love the nature and the work they do.

A worker unloading goods for the shop in the middle of Jaffna town even at the night time. A clear contrast between poor and rich can be seen as a white SUV passes there.

An aged peanut seller waiting closer to the Jaffna Central Bust Stand for the long travelers and arrived travelers who are on the beginning or at the end of their journey. Having peanuts during the long bus traveling is an untold culture among the Jaffna people. Eating peanuts, listening to old songs getting mixed in the air and sightseeing through the window is a heavenly feel which anyone could feel during the bus journey.

Process of collecting litter from home to home by the workers of Jaffna Municipal Council. Apart from using a tractor with an opened trailer to collect wastage, modern trucks specially designed for the purpose of collecting litter is used in Jaffna.

Coconut water, a drink highly concentrated with nutrients and minerals quits the thirst of people especially during the hot summer. A man having his own buddy truck selling coconut water in the area where very rare drinkable water is available.

A kind of addiction followed by strong believe of getting richer very shortly by buying lottery tickets. These lottery ticket stalls can be found very oftenly in city areas and in festival seasons. Different varieties of lottery tickets are used to attract people more easily. Of course really, some people get satisfied in spending a certain amount of money in buying these tickets daily in spite of their believe on the sake of luck.

Sellers getting prepared to sell lamps for 'Karthigai Dheepam' and also it's quite interesting as they also sell trunks of banana tree which shows these sellers more contrasted from other sellers.

A group of fruit sellers at the Jaffna Central Bus stand waiting for travelers to buy some fruits. Variety of fruits produced in local areas and also imported from outer districts are arranged in a colorful way to bring a pleasant feel to buy.

Jaffna's most wanted street food item is the prawn dumpling called as 'raal vadai' in Tamil. Delicious on time preparation sold in affordable price for everyone. These kind of stalls also contain other varieties of food item also. These street food stalls can be seen very closer to junctions and liquor shops.

A fish market close to Jaffna city famously known as 'chinnakadai'. Sellers are looking eagerly to sell varieties of sea food items they have.

The Private Bus Stand, Pannai where hundreds of people travel to Colombo. A successful business running successfully even after the arrival of train to the Jaffna. Glittering in different colors of light fixed to the buses give a feel to admire the travel.

A quick tour around the crowded streets of Jaffna. The increase in number of vehicles and traffic jams made the driving in city area little bit crazier than ever.

at Maruthanarmadam market

Vegetable sellers eagerly waiting and preparing to start their business for the day at vegetable market. Direct imports and exports of vegetables to outer districts are also carried out here. People engaging in buying and selling at the morning time. Finding a reasonable price seller and randomly buying vegetables from sellers here and there are some of the tricks used by the regular buyers.

Arrival of traffic signal lights got certain amount of controls over the traffic. A time lapse at a traffic signal junction shows by how much the traffic is increased rather than the past times.

Pannai Bridge

Warm up activities like walking and jogging in Pannai bridge at evening and morning times shows people getting changed to modern life also concerns about their physical health and love to admire the nature. Sitting on the bridge with friends and chatting on various topics with the feel of sea breeze makes mind freshly prepared.

at Kurunagar Jetty

A girl child keenly watching her father working with his friends on their boat. To depart on night time, fishermen should be prepared in every aspects. They return to land with their sea foods after spending a whole night in the middle of the sea. Here, a group of fishermen working on their boat as an order of preparation for the night sea ride.

Children park

Old Park, Kacheri

A renovated old children park let children to play in various play kits and toys. Surrounded by lots of big trees and plants and consists of water fountains in the middle of the landmark. A mind setting place loved by both parents and children to relax their day with their family members. People from outer districts also show interest to let their children to make use of this park.

Modern Buildings

After the end of long term war, business conglomerates started to step into Jaffna. As a result, taller buildings were started to raise. Hotel, shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, banks, hospitals and etc. are some of the inclusions inside the sturdy structures. Arrival of new architectural designs, technologies and facilities make people more attracted towards the business.

Evening Cricket

Nothing like anything as playing with friends at the evening. Evening cricket and also football are the best wishes of most of the youngsters. A part from heavy work load and tired day time, they want to spend some time on the ground. Randomly choosing an empty ground and start to play as on thir own ground make them feel joy of themselves. It's really appreciable because they are ready to spend some time to maintain a physical, mental and social well being even among the machinery lifestyle.

An old boat disposed near the jetty of Kurunagar. It's deadly journeys in the sea are still imaginable.

A dry fish store sells different varieties of dry fish items near the coastal area of Jaffna. Sometimes we feel could feel the secretion of salaiva inside the mouth while staring at the hanging dry fishes.

Teaching driving has recently changed as a big money dealing business. People persistently show their interest to own and drive their own vehicle. This results increased amount of learners of driving.

Painting works undergoing on a memorable stupa of Tamil leader.

So finally, as we're travelled along very some of stories in #everydayJAFFNA you might have come to some new ideas or some changes in your previous perceptions about Jaffna. A lot of untold stories are remaining to be told. Let's make them to be told to the world.

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