Cheetah By : Dylan and Tahj

Global Warming: Is a term used to describe a gradual increase in the temperature of the Earth. Heat is trapped in the Earth and cannot get out to make it hotter on the earth which makes the average temperature different on the Earth.

Location: Cheetahs live in the Southern and Eastern Africa, and the weather that occurs is Precipitation such as Rain, Thunder, and Lighting.

Habitat: Cheetahs live in open and dry grasslands in Africa.

Climate: Cheetahs live in a environment of 30 degrees Celsius.

Three ways Cheetahs are affected by Global Warming:

1. It's losing its ability to reproduce baby’s because of the results of warmer temperature.

2. Increasing the atmospheric carbon dioxide is causing climate change and also driving bush encroachment that results in blind cheetahs.

3. It is harming some of the animals that cheetahs eat so that makes cheetahs have starvation.


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