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Dramatic Moment Story Board

How to use Reflectors: Use reflectors to soften the light in order to avoid harsh shadows. If it becomes windy use a heavy bag to support the reflectors. Also use reflectors to bounce the light on the actor's face if they are in the shade. Don’t forget to have a close field of vision for interviews while the background is blurry.

Getting Good Audio:

Use a boom pole when the actor is not going to be moving around and accompany it with a shotgun microphone. Use a lavalier microphone of the person is going to be walking around while talking. Use a condenser microphone if you want you are going to use the audio as an overlay and the person isn’t going to be in the video.

Use a microphone on top of the camera if you just want the ambient sound. Point a shotgun microphone away from the any noise in the background but make sure it is not putting a shadow on the actor. Make sure the lavalier microphone is hidden but not rubbing against anything. Watch for echoes. Use soft items such as sheets to absorb the echoes.

Get the microphone as close as possible to the actor except for very specific reasons.

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