Should our summer be takin away? By jorrdan


Do you want your summer to be tookin? I think not, schools want kids to have year round school. Why would kids want year round school they are already really stressful. Let along there be school in the summer.


87 percent of student though middle school to high school are stressed and most kids that are stressed don't do as well on there tests and there work. Plus some kids parents don't have enough money, to spend on year round school is vary expensive it matters what school you do to but it is still vary expensive it would be even more expensive.

Counter argument

Having year round school increases your academic knowlage, tons of kids suffer from summer learning loss were they forget most everything the learn from there school which makes the kids starts all over agin and kids will be behind there academics.


Kids need there sweeet freedom and there social stress to decrease and not haveing school in the summer would defiantly help! Don't take summer away from kids because they need summer!


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