Heaven is for Real Movie vs. Book

In the book, Heaven is for Real, Colton has to have an emergency surgery due to his appendix bursting on a family vacation. His parents thought it was just a stomach bug but when days passed and he was only getting worse, they decided to take him to the hospital. During his stay at their local hospital his parents decide to take him to a different one because he was only getting worse. The book goes into more depth about his experience. Also, in the book, it explains what his dad was thinking when Colton told his dad about heaven. In the book when Colton and Cassie got sick and Cassie got over it the next day, that made his parents worry even more.

In the movie, Heaven is for Real, it leaves out a lot of details over his sickness and it shows it in different orders. The movie helped me get a better visual on what Heaven would look like and how it would be. It also showed some of the problems Colton and his family faced whenever they decided to tell people that Colton saw Heaven that the book doesn't explain. The movie also had some parts that really got to me and made me emotional that the book didn't do. I think my favorite part in the movie was when Colton first started talking about his experience in Heaven because I got to see how his parents reacted when he first told them instead of just reading their responses, I got to fully see how they reacted and how they responded.

The differences in the movie and book is that the book gives the dads thoughts while the movie doesn't. Another difference is that the movie helped me get a better visual of what Heaven looked like to Colton then I got when I was reading the book. Some other differences that happened in the book that wasn't in the movie was when Colton was transferred from one hospital to another hospital, whereas in the movie, they show him in just one hospital.

I think the book is better because it went into more detail. The book, to me, also showed things in the order everything happened in. The book also included his dads thoughts and that helped me understand it a little better too. When it included his dads thoughts, I understood what his parents were thinking about his whole trip. It got them wondering if Colton was telling the truth and the movie didn't show that to me. I think the book is better also because its written by his dad so it meant more to me reading it from their perspective.

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Heaven is for Real. Dir, Randell Wallace. Perf. Conner Corum, Greg B. Kinnear, Kelly Reilly. TriStar Pictures, 2014. Film.


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