Divergent Factions By~ Sadie D, Sierra H, David P


The abnegation faction most values selflessness. The Abnegation live in the Northwest side of the city. Abnegation members dress in dull shades of grey and very plain clothes; they do not wish to be showy and always avoid vanity. The abnegation members put themselves behind others, always help other people. They are adherents to they're very restricting rules to maintain their selflessness. A few notable Abnegation members are as follows: Marcus Eaton, Mr. and Mrs. Prior, (and the former members) Four and Tris.


The Dauntless most value Bravery. They are a faction full of dare devils and fighters. The Dauntless compound is located in the Lincoln Park Zoo on the outer reaches of the society. Dauntless members wear black clothes of many kinds and decorate there bodies with makeup, tattoos, and various piercings. The Dauntless members are tough and in good shape. Some jobs Dauntless members carry out are: different positions in security, they patrol, and also guard the wall. A few important dauntless members are Eric, Max, and Uriah.


The Erudite faction values intelligence. The Erudite compound is located by the Harold Washington Memorial Library Center. Erudite people wear blue outfits and also in many cases glasses. The Erudite members are arrogant, smart, and well kept. Erudite people write articles, study sciences, and are basically the knowledge capital of the society. Jeanine Mathews, Caleb Prior, and Will's sister are a few important Erudite members.


The Amity faction most values peace. They are happy, easy going people who do not fight or cause problems. The Amity live by Ping Tom Memorial Park. Amity members wear yellows and reds. The Amity are always in a good mood and don't stress about problems, they work together peacefully to solve problems or put them aside. Also, they are outdoorsy and work in some position of farming or outdoors work so they are relatively fit. Some Amity farms are located outside of the gates so they have to have dauntless members monitor the transportation of goods. An important Amity member is Rodger.


The Candor faction values honesty. The Candor facility is located at The FBI headquarters. Members of the Candor community wear black and white outfits. Often times, They are very official looking/formal styled. They are educated, honest, and definitely are not afraid to speak their mind. They carry out laws and seek the absolute truth. Lying will not be condoned in The Candor faction. Some important x-members of the Candor faction is Christina, Peter, and Drew.


The Divergent are people who do not fit in to a faction. They have to be secretive and slick in order to not get kicked out of their faction, caught, or killed. It is dangerous to be Divergent and often times you are stuck with that "burden" all alone. Divergent people have to play it safe and trust no one.The Divergent wear clothes depending on what faction they choose if they are not already factionless. They have mixed personalities and show characteristics for more than one faction. Their mixed personalities are the reason their aptitude tests result in an inconclusive result. Two very important characters in the book are divergent; Tris and Four.


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