The Future Of Leadership a human resource perspective

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Join us for a working webinar to explore the key Leadership Strategies that are being implemented across the US, UK and Europe.

Understand the need for acting now to ensure that your employees are engaged and committed to the future of your company.

Learn key concepts and methodologies for connecting with a workforce that has experienced major philosophical and ideological shifts.


Join us on Thursday 9th December 2021 at 09:30am EST | 10:30am AST | 2:30pm GMT

  • How restrictions on cross-border recruitment will affect your SUCCESSION PLANNING strategy.
  • How remote, hybrid and home working has impacted the PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL process.
  • How CHANGES IN EMPLOYEE IDEOLOGIES may have created misalignment with corporate culture.
  • Will these EMPLOYEE SHIFTS create disengaged job seekers in your employee pool?
  • Why WOMEN ACROSS THE GLOBE ARE CHOOSING LESS by moving down or leaping off the corporate ladder.
  • What is "THE GREAT RESIGNATION" and how will it impact your company.
  • Why DIVERSITY matters.
  • How GEN Z is redefining the future of the "offer letter".
  • The budget crunch. Finding the FUNDING to support human capital development projects.
  • How EMPLOYEE RESOURCE GROUPS can motivate your workforce
  • HUMANOCRACY vs/ Bureaucracy. Defining the shift and impact of humanocracy on the future of corporate culture.

Hosted by Felicia Rickards, M.A. HR & Business Development

How To Prepare

  1. Allow for 90 minutes of time
  2. Place your calls and meeting requests on hold
  3. Prepare to be engaged
  4. Have a notebook & pen (or document tab open on your device)
  5. Eliminate the urge to multi-task
  6. Allow time in your schedule for a follow up call with the host.

The cost? COMPLIMENTARY. Just your time and attention.

Created By
Felicia Rickards