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The hemishperes that Brazil is in are the Northern, Southern, and Western Hemisphere.

Countries that Border Brazil

The countries that border Brazil are some countries you may know including Venezuela, Colimbia, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, etc.

The capital city of Brazil is Brasilia and its coordinates are 15 degrees south and 50 degrees west.


Brazil's temperature zone is the Tropical zone. The lines of latitude Brazil is between in is the Tropic of Cancer line and the Equator.

The two latitude lines Brazil is between in

Some of Brazil's major physical features of Brazil are the Amazon River & the Amazon Rain forest. Some facts about the Amazon river is that the Amazon river is the largest river by discharge of water in the world and, according to some authors, it's the longest in length. Some facts about the Amazon rain forest is that it covers most of northwestern Brazil which also extends into Colombia, Peru, etc.

The Amazon River & The Amazon Rain Forest

Brazil's total population is 207.8 million people which means it's total population is large. It's world rank is 5th.

Brazil's population density is 61.8 people per square mile which means it's not crowded. It's world rank is 189th.

Brazil's population density

Brazil's growth rate is 0.852%/yr which means its growing average. Brazil's fertility rate is 1.79 children born.

Brazil's five largest cities are Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Bahia, Brasilia Distrito Federal, and Fortaleza Ceara.


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