Pop-Art By:Kensley merritt

3/14 I was at a swim meet last class and was absent. The class before that we started with some sketches for a pop-art unit. We studied 9 artist and the different techniques they use. I chose to mimic Romero Britto who uses very deep black outlines and bright colors on the inside. Today Ms. McCall will help me decide which sketches to use for my large piece.

3/20 Last class Ms. McCall wasn't here so we worked on our Paper Quilts instead of Pop Art. Today I will finish my sketches then transfer them onto big sheets. For my book cover I will use lots of deep black lines and bright colors inside of the design. I hope to use all types of different materials that represent Britto. I will also cut it into 2 pieces to have 2 different sides to my book cover.

3/22 Last class I started to design my book cover. We blew up one of our sketches on a 12x18 sheet of paper. Mine has circles and a bunch of lines. I used sharpie to outline it all and make it look more like Britto's work. Today I will go and fill in all the circles with designs and color in the entire thing, after I will put it on matt board so it is more sturdy.

3/24 Last class I went into all of my open spaces in my circles and filled them in with different designs, I then outlined them in sharpie. I came into husky time yesterday to start my coloring, I colored the back round with colored pencils and I got about half of it done. Today I am going in to all of my little designs and coloring them in with marker. I will use all different colors, like Britto does.

3/28 Last class I finished coloring my designs with markers and colored pencils. Today I will glue them to matte board. I will use my rays to decide where to cut. We will use xacto knives to cut through the matte board. Then I will glue my cover paper to the board. Next class I will start on my big paper with the actual sheets of my book. I will continue to use different, bright colors, and dark black lining.

3/30 Last class I finished my book covers. I was very happy with how they turned out because of all the colors and the design I chose to do on the matte board. Today I will transfer my 2 other designs onto a sheet of large white paper. I will then use sharpie and black marker to blacken all of my edges to look Britto. If I have time I will fill in all the spaces with my littler designs and begin to color.

4/4 Last class I began to transfer my designs onto the large sheet of white paper. I did the large sketch of the "cobweb" design, and began to fill it in with the smaller designs. There are so many designs, and will take a while to fill them all in. After I finish filling them in I will go back and outline everything with black sharpie. When I finish my first side, I will then flip it over and start the design on the back.

4/18 I was absent on 4/6 (the last day before spring break), so I got a little bit behind on my project. Today I am going to try to finish my design on the front, and possibly the back. If I complete that then I will begin to color, with markers and colored pencils. I will use all different colors in every design and box. I will continue to outline everything in black sharpie.

4/20 Last class I didn't finish my design, instead I started coloring. I used colored pencils and markers off all different colors. Today I'm going to finish the front either during class, or husky time. The sheets are due next Friday and I am happy about how I've spaced out my time working on the project. I hope to start the back of the sheet today or Monday.

4/24 This past weekend I brought home my project to finish the front, so I could start on the back. I have decided on my design and will draw it out. I will start to trace it with sharpie. If I have time today, I will begin to color. I will use all different colored pencils and markers. This project is due Friday, so I need to be time conscious this week.

4/26 Today was a half day. I finished the front last class, so I traced the back so I can begin coloring it. It is a very short class, so I won't be able to get as much done as I hoped. I will try to color as much as I can. The pattern on the back is a little bit easier than the front so hopefully it won't take as long. I will probably take it home today.

4/28 WHOOOO! I am almost done with the large sheet. I have about two more little things to color and then I'm done. I am going to finish it, and then begin to cut it out so I can try to start the pop out aspect of the project. I hope to use more colors and patterns so it will look more like Britto's work. I will continue with this work next class.

5/2 Last class, I finished coloring my large sheet. I also cut it in 2 equal halves so I could began shaping the pages today. I am going to try to start my cut outs and plan out how I want it to look. Since Ms. McCall isn't here I'm going to try to do my best and make some simple cuts and add simple details. I will probably ask more questions and try to get closer to finishing it next class.

5/4 Today I am going to continue to make simple cuts on my accordion book. I have an idea to thread some string through an earlier cut I made. I also want to weave something throughout it. It is due next Friday so I'm going to try to get a lot done so I don't have to stress about it next week. If I have time I'm going to add some more beads or thread to it.

5/8 Last class I made some more cuts and added thread through one of my cuts. Ms. McCall said our pages really shouldn't look like pages, so I'm going to try to do that today. I want to add some scrapbooking paper and maybe more thread or beads. If I have time I am going to glue them to my covers. I hope to make them look like they're almost done today.

5/10 Last class I made many more cuts and added wire in 2 places. I still have to add a pocket and add more cuts and pop outs. I want to use black hot glue to make some designs or trace over the black lines in some places. I also still need to add more string or wire I a few places. If I can finish today, I want to.

5/12 Last class I weaved, added wire, and made more pop outs. Since the project is due today, my goal is to finalize all the little details and make it look the best it can. I want to trace some of the black sharpie again and add more black hot glue. I also want to try to make all the pages look differently from each other. I am going to finish it and turn it in today.

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