Andrew's Identity Book This is for science class :D

My Character: 1. One positive thing I do is play with the younger siblings at parties or when I hang out with friends. When I play with them, they want to play with me every time. 2. A second positive thing I do is help my sister out when she has trouble with homework. Especially math. 3. A third positive thing I do is being kind to others. I help my friends and family out and encourage them all the time.

My Body: I am 12 years old right now (Sep 7 2016) and my birthday is November 28 2016. I am a male and I have black hair, dark brown eyes, and a kind personality. Things I do to keep myself physically healthy is that I play tennis, soccer, basketball, football, swimming, and lacrosse. I switch sports depending on their season. I have no pictures of me playing sports because my parents drop me off.

Relationships: The people who are important to me are my family. My family takes care of me and helps me with problems. Another important type of people are friends. My friends keep my occupied and encourage me in a sport or contest. My friends are always by my side and help me on homework if I need it.

Future: My future for me, will be that I will have a good job, probably an engineer. I don't really know what my future family will be when I'm 35 years old. Some activities I would participate in will probably be fishing, tennis, and a little swimming. The beliefs and values for me is that if you don't try hard enough you can't achieve your goal.

Biographer: I will do a biography about Ryan Rivera. Ryan is kind and sometimes forgiving. He likes spending time with friends (Skype) (hangout). Ryan says he needs to improve on anger managements. The best thing knowing about Ryan is that he's always open to help me.

Creativity: My creativity is really creative because I build stuff from my legos and make it useful. Another creative thing about me is that I can draw good if I have the time.

People I Admire: People that I admire are my parents. My parents have really good jobs and treat me nicely. I also admire some good athletes who try so hard and that's what they earned.

My Private Self: My dreams are to be a millionaire. And my private life is a private life.

Laughter: Stuff that makes me laugh are when people do stuff on accident and they fail badly instead of doing something else. Sometimes I laugh more with friends and cousins.

My Past: My past for me is that I only had nightmares until 5 years old. Now I don't have any. The best days are my birthday because I turned another year older and I get to do almost anything I want.

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