Journey Log 3

Jay Gent



3 weeks into english 103 and I am still enjoying the lectures, assignments, and discussion points. I am very excited for our research aper due in a couple of weeks. After long thought about what topic I would pursue, I chose to do research on the Illuminati and its ties to the Hip-Hop industry. Being a huge fan of Hip-Hop and researching this subject since I was in 8th grade, I am really happy to be able to finally write about something I have so much interest in.I never have been able to choose a topic so freely in any english class before, and I believe this new freedom of choice will allow me to take my writing skills to the next level.

After I had finished my proposal that was due, we learned about genres on thursday. This was a hell of a class, considering we watched and learned about one of my favorite comedians ever, Bo Burnham. We watched a segment from his newest netflix stand-up show in which he mocks the country genre and targets rich country stars who tend to talk about Middle-class activities to appeal to the masses. Though I had already seen this before and got a good laugh at it, watching it for a second time allowed me to analyze all of its satirical elements and made me realized what point Bo was trying to get across. This was an amazing week in English and I am ready to begin my paper next week.

Bard creative piece

All of my life I have listened to music

to think, reflect, or sometimes for pure amusement

such as that one lonely pop star who just needs a hug

or a bonafide trapstar who loves to sell drugs

some talk about love

and all that stuff

whether you're a guy, girl, white, black,

or all the above

anyone could relate

thats just how love songs are made

they will do anything for the most plays and streams on their tape.

The music industry is a joke.


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