Editing human genomes The future is now

So we've all heard of Spider-Man right? Well technically that's not possible, but we can come sort of close with Human genome editing which we can add in new traits that will effect them physically and/or mentally while they are in a fetus.

This DNA could be edited with a chemical tool called CRISPR

So none of this could be possible without the technology of CRISPR but what exactly could all this do? And what are the steps for this process?

Well gene editing is pretty scary, no fetus has survived it and most of them are kept for testing but it could help diseases later in life to be cured and the way you are so basically changing your DNA strands. It changes the sequence of your DNA so it takes the original ones out, and puts new ones in while they are alive to make the genetic change.

Think of all the things DNA does. It's in every cell of your body right? Well imagine the color of your eyes, how tall you are, if you have freckles or not. See DNA makes up who you are and it's a pretty big part of you and we have the technology to change all of that, pretty cool right!

Think about if your family had a bad gene or like a disease, we could take that out and if you had kids that bad gene wouldn't be in your family anymore. It could be skin cancer, a syndrome, disease, all gone.

Many scientists around the world have tried and failed but the topic of gene editing is definitely still around, although it may be illegal in some countries the research can still continue. This is the future of babies and we could give them special traits we wish we had!



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