T ball analysis Telisha onLey

Preparation phase: Chloe has her eyes directly on the batter to predict where the ball will go, her knees are bent to make it easier to get the ball from either side of her. Chloe has her glove on the ground to ensure she can get a rolling ball easily and she is crouched down as it is easier to catch a high ball then crouch Down to get a low ball. She has ensured her feet are shoulder length however her feet are on a slight angle and may cause her to slip if she leans to one side.
Action phase: As you can see Chloe has kept her eyes on the ball at all times without losing concentration, this will ensure she knows exactly where she needs to be to catch the ball.
Action phase: as soon as Chloe had the ball she put her hand on top of it to either unsure she did not fumble the ball amd lose it and lose the little time she has but also becau se she can smoothly grab it to throw it.
Preparation phase: chloe angled herself side ways to ensure she could get the maximum power into the ball as she can now move her arm all the way back to create a more powerful throw. Her elbow is on the target for a very precise shot.
Action phase: when Chloe thew the ball her arm was fully extended, this meaning the maximum power went into the ball
Follow through phase: After throwing Chloe has placed her hand to the opposite side she had thrown on this means Chloe has put enough power into the ball, her body is rotated and her weight is on one foot.

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