The Hebrew People by danny an zach

Fathers of Hebrew People

Father Abraham

Abraham was from Ur, his father's name was Terah, he was married to Sarai, and he had two sons named Ishmael and Isaac. Abraham's name was originally Abram, but God changed it to Abraham, which means "father of multitudes." God promised Abraham that he would be the father of a great nation.

The New Religion

The hebrew Religion was made around judaism and the Christian Bible, which includes the New Testament. The Hebrew Bible traces the Hebrews back to a man named Abraham. Moses was given two tablets from God. On the tablets was written a code of moral laws known as the 10 Commandments.

4 Values of Judaism

The 4 values of Judaism would consist of God, education, justice, and obedience. The belief in 1 God would be mono-theism.

Women of Hebrew

Women were not valuable in Hebrew as today's time. Women had very few rights in Hebrew, and were treated unfairly through out Hebrew. A great story of the women would be the story of Ruth and Noami.

Naomi and Ruth

Jewish Traditions and Holidays

High Holy Holidays - the most sacred of all Jewish holidays. They take place in each year in September or October. The first two holidays of the celebration, Rosh Hashanah, celebrated the beginning of a new year in the Jewish calendar.

Tradition - Jews ask God to forgive their sins. Jews consider Yom Kippur to be the holiest day of the entire year.


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