Le Tour de France By: Akshat Rohatgi

Some Background

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A general overview

One of the biggest sporting events in the world

The Tour de France, a race that first occurred 113 years ago, is an icon for global sporting events. With over 44 million global viewers, it is the world's 9th most watched sporting event. The 21 day race has 21 different stages, 1 for each day. Each stage poses something different, yet all riders share the same goal of winning the race. Originally created to bring a failing newspaper company back from the dead, this 2,200 mile bike race around France has quickly become a very popular event for France and for the world.

The history of winners

For its long history, this race has had a very diverse set of winners and losers.

Of the many races, the total tally count of what nations hold it all is at:

  1. France - 36 wins
  2. Belgium - 18 wins
  3. Spain - 12 wins
  4. Italy - 10 wins
  5. Luxembourg - 5 wins
  6. Britain - 4 wins
  7. America - 3 wins
  8. Netherlands - 2 wins
  9. Switzerland - 2 wins
  10. Australia - 1 win
Many bikers line up for the very popular annual race


The Tour de France attracts a lot of attention. Apart from having many competitors from many different countries from around the world, the Tour de France is very similar to other races. Italy has its race, the Giro d'Italia, and Spain also has the Vuelta a España. These races make up the three week long "Grand-tours". However, the Tour de France is the oldest and is considered to be the big brother of these three races. These races are very big sporting events, but the Tour de France is still the icon when it comes to biking.

Recent winners

  1. 2012 - Bradley Wiggins
  2. 2013 - Chris Froome
  3. 2014 - Vincenzo Nibali
  4. 2015 - Chris Froome
  5. 2016 - Chris Froome

People with the most wins

  • Miguel Indurain - Spain
  • Bernard Hinault - France
  • Eddy Merckx - Belgium
  • Jaques Anquetil - France

More facts...

  • Stuart O'Grady from Australia has the most appearances with 17.
  • 1989, Greg LeMond won the race by only 8 inches!
  • In 2005, Lance Armstrong reached a speed of 41.7 km/h.
  • in 1976, José-Luis Viejo managed to get a 22 minute 50 second lead from the rest of the bikers.
  • Eddy Merckx of Belgium has won the most stages, with 34.

to conclude

The Tour de France is a very big and respected sports event. Started 113 years ago by a newspaper company looking for more fame and money, this race slowly turned into an icon for France and for sports in general. The Tour de France beats any other bike races with its hard paths, long tracks, and very demanding attitude. A magnet for any bikers who want challenges, the Tour de France is a prime example of what it means to be a sporting icon. The 21 day, 2,200 mile trip around France is not only the 9th most watched spprting event in the world, but it is also a great race that started from the mind of a newspaper editor. Although that newspaper now is reborn in the French newspaper L'Équipe, we should all remember how this race came to be.

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