Sazón Kitchen, Community Strong. 7301 15th ave Nw, Seattle, WA 98117 • Text only at 206-822-3698 • Call to order Land Line 206-717-2827 •facebook/Instagram : @sazonkitchen206

Talk about rough weeks uh? Its been a rollercoaster of emotions watching the world wide news and the spreading of COVID-19 evolving, but somehow after the Gov. Inslee ordered the closing of schools and the big crowd gatherings feels more real, right in our soil, our county, our city. Having a public place where people could potentially spread the virus is a serious responsibility and we are committed to take the bull by the horns. Our team is taking additional steps to keep you and us safe during this time of uncertainty. We are spending more time cleaning and disinfecting all restaurant surfaces, setting shorter times in our hand washing timers, recommending customers to get fully cooked dishes, training our team and continue to look for up-to-date information through Seattle & King County's coronavirus disease website. We are still open everyday from 9am-8pm, working safe and focusing in more take-out meals, curbside pick up or side pick and go window. Your Safety remains our foremost priority. In this time, Good things, good deeds and good actions happen in the day to day and we pray for people to stay informed and act accordingly, we will be ok, we will perdure and we will stay strong. We are so thankful for our community that keeps us this strong and for all the support that we've been getting, please keep us in mind for your breakfast, lunch or dinner option... The team at Sazón kitchen and Sazón Tacos welcomes you.

Breakfast all day, Now Everyday... We keep operating in normal hours from 9am-8pm but only as a Take out and delivery restaurant as dictated by Gov. Inslee.


Our NEW "tortas" , this mexican sandwich packs the same flavors, aromas and goodness to eat them in a more "new normal-take out setting", they're delicious and affordable...

Eat well, support your inmune system and support a family owned local business, thanks.

Our food truck its right on our parking lot, take the food to the comfort of your own home.
Our dining room its been closed temporary due to Gov. inslee declaration of emergency...

Chilaquiles torta, a Mexico City delicacy

We have eliminated hand shakes ...

Cutlery getting wrapped after sanitizing.

If you know anyone that is in lockdown already, maybe too concerned to go outside or not able to cook good food for themselves, you can buy them a dish and we can deliver for you to their door at no cost. Just get in touch 206-822- 3698.

We are offering a free, natural Vitamin C cold press Ginger and lemon shot to keep our inmune system strong. No purchase necessary .
We are actively looking for options to deliver your food.
We have abilitated our side door pick up window.
Committed to your well being. We are having meetings in a daily basis to ensure everybody is up to date on the latest information and precautions recommended by the government.
Habilitated a parking spot for curbside pick up, just call and will bring the food to your car, you can even pay or from your car. (view from 15th ave NW).
Disinfecting all surfaces during the day, specially the high traffic things that people touch or are in indirect contact with it.
The same for our taco truck, curb side pick up is available, will bring the food to your car, you can even call to pay or take care of it from your car. ( view shown from 73rd ave. )
We have added chicken wings, burgers and dinner items to the food truck menu.
We have added breakfast, lunch and dinner combos for take out or delivery. Depending on the family size you can pick and choose.

Reserve your breakfast, lunch or dinner family package. $49.99 Serves 4.

To order: Text only please at 206-822-3698. Or call to order 206-717-2827

Monday-Sunday 9am to 8pm.

  1. Machaca Combo: House made Beans, chimi potatoes, chilaquiles and signature machaca. 2 Fresh squeezed Orange Juice. 2 americano coffees.
  2. Enfrijoladas Combo: Chimi potatoes, sazon salad and 12 enfrijoladas filled with chicken, veggies or mexican scrambled eggs. 2 freshly squeezed orange juices and 2 americano coffees.
  3. Burritos combo: 2 Big Breakfast burritos (cut in half), 4 pieces of french toast, chimi potatoes and sazon salad. 2 freshly squeezed orange juice and 2 americano coffees.
  4. Tortas Combo: 4 Tortas of your choice (asada, pastor, machaca or shrimp) chimi potatoes and side salad , jamaica agua fresca (hibiscus).
  5. Fajitas Combo: Chicken or steak fajitas, rice and beans with a salad side , 4 jamaica agua fresca (hibiscus), corn tortillas.
  6. Asada or Pastor Combo: Carne asada and Al pastor, pico de gallo, guacamole, rice and beans, corn tortillas and 4 jamaica aguas fresca (hibiscus).
You can reserve your family packages ahead of time to ensure a smooth and timely delivery.
Keep your spirit up Seattle ! Thanks again


Created with images by Elaine Casap - "Tomato Garden" • Gaelle Marcel - "untitled image" • Hilary Hahn - "Turmeric Ginger Latte" • Drew Beamer - "untitled image"