Nature Activity at FLMNH BY: Jonathan Hinds

Nature on Display

I found the exhibit with the amphibians to be very interesting. The habitats are laid out in a manner which seems to be scattered and shapeless, however it facilitates the flow of traffic throughout the exhibit. Likewise the lighting was dimmer than other exhibits in order to cater the needs of the amphibious creatures. This exhibit captured my attention due to the excitement portrayed by my roommate who is pictured above. I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibit due to the fact that my roommate and I turned locating the amphibians in the habitat into a competition. Additionally, I learned that humans are not the only creatures which require time to relax and take a break from the world whether that is in the form of lying in a hammock or hanging from the bottom of a leaf.

Nature and Ethics

I believe that this museum did allow me to experience nature in the way that Leopold would appreciate. While the museums purpose is to preserve these creatures and give them a safe environment in which to live and for people to experience them, it leads museum-goers to appreciate the life outside of the netted-walls of the butterfly exhibit. As I went through the museum, I felt joy in knowing that the same intelligent designer that created everything in that museum took pride in creating me and that this designer is creative beyond compare because I know I could not attempt to imagine the wings of a butterfly. Most of the other people in the museum were children who were amazed at everything they saw which reminded me of the innocence I once had as a kid. I would not say that I developed anymore of an ethical responsibility to nature than I already held.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Visiting a museum is not a daily occurrence. It is considered something to be enjoyed by people who have a significant amount of money and time. It is a luxury commonly taken for granted. The museum forces us to slow down and take a step back in the knowledge that it is not everyday that we are able to enjoy museums so due to our longing for rest, we naturally appreciate museums. It brings us back to nature. The experience reminds man of his origin in the outback. Personally, it shows me how much I long to be in nature because it is where my heart belongs and it will not be content without the occasional glimpse of its home.

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