So, you want to know how to get HB 3035 passed? First, we need to know which delegates support marijuana legislation and which delegates don't...Then we work daily to change the minds of those that don't.

  1. To begin we need to take a look at the statewide breakdown by district/county to find out where those that support us and those that oppose us call home.
  2. Then we call those in opposition, start with your district in the words of Francie, "Make them remember your name!", but always make sure that it's for the RIGHT reasons!
  3. All the "YES" votes in the House don't matter unless it gets out of committee and onto the floor for a vote.
  4. There will be links towards the end of the page for both committees as well as each individual member, call as many as you can as often as you can. In the past marijuana related bills have been put on 2-3 committees and then are left off of committee agendas intentionally to prevent them from ever coming to a vote. This CAN'T happen ANYMORE, demand it!
  5. If you know your delegates, and you know what you want to say, links to both committees are available below. For those that aren't, continue reading to learn how to maximize your effectiveness. No one can do it alone, but together we can make this happen!

The map below breaks down each district by previous marijuana legislation voting. It is based on the rescheduling amendment from HB2526. A politically brilliant attempt by Delegate's Fluharty & Sponaugle to skip the committee process and force a public vote. Without our help promoting HB3035 it could be the only time a public debate or vote happens in the House under Armstead's rule.

By using the key above you can see which counties/districts currently support marijuana legalization by matching the colors. We believe the key opportunities for votes will come first from the Blue (Democratic) and then from the Purple (Split Districts) colored districts.

Once you get to Open States enter your address in the highlighted box as shown below.

Enter your address in the highlighted area and click the magnifying glass to see your representatives.

Once your address is entered you will see this page.

For the first stage of this process we are only focusing on the House, the Senate comes into play once it passes the House.

Match your district # and county to the map. If you live in a GREEN district, CONGRATULATIONS!! Your delegate is already on our team. It's time to move on to the committee members. As for those in non-green districts it's time for us to get to work.

Let's take a look at that map again and highlight the split districts.

Find your county and district....what color is it? If it's purple, we break it down below.

Here is a breakdown of some of the key "split districts", meaning at least one delegate in the district supports legalization but at least one delegate does not. District size varies based on population.

"NO's" in Cabell, Lincoln, and Wayne Counties Districts - 16, 17, and 18

"NO's" in Mason and Putnam Counties Districts - 13, 14, 15, and 38

"NO's" in Kanawha County Districts - 35, 36, 37, 39, and 40

"NO's" in Fayette, Nicholas, Clay, Raleigh, Greenbrier, Summers, and Monroe Counties. Districts - 32 and 42

"NO's" in Harrison, Marion, and Monongalia counties. Districts - 48, 50, and 51

If we can successfully convert all of the "NO's" in the split districts to "YES's" the map starts looking a whole lot GREENER!!

Some of the "Split Districts" could be completely converted, however at least 4 delegates (Tom Fast, Kelli Sobonya, Geoff Foster, and Tim Armstead) will NEVER change their minds. In those cases the strategy becomes about getting as many "why not's" as we can so that the correct information can be available for other delegates during an open floor debate. For example: "Marijuana is a gateway drug" This is obviously false, but to win in real time we need to provide facts and studies proving why it's false to OUR delegates so they can respond immediately during a debate if that were to occur.

The HB2526 vote was 34 "Yes" to 65 "No". If we can convert 50% of the 23 "NO's" of the split district "No's" to "Yes's" (11-12 votes) then the new vote tally would be 45 "Yes" to 54 "No" which would leave us only 4-5 votes shy because every +1 "Yes" also means 1 less "No". This is where the BLUE Districts come into play

If we can convert all split districts & all of the Democratic Delegates the map could look like this.

With a conversion of 50% of the split district "NO's" and all 8 of the Democrat "No's" flipping the new estimated vote result would be 53 "For" and 46 "against. WE CAN DO THIS!!

Due to the length of the post I'm going to end it here, if you would like the Republican "No" list I will have it out soon. I will also be posting both committee rosters and contact information for each member.

Also, it is just as possible to convert a Republican "No" to a "Yes" please don't feel that it isn't.

We have primarily focused on split districts and Democrat votes due to the perceived anti-marijuana "Party Line" that Republican leadership has been pushing regarding marijuana legislation.

Created by WV Green is the New Black, LLC 2017. Working for West Virginia through education, research, and activism.
Created By
Danny Bragg


Danny Bragg, WV Green is the New Black

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