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Human Trafficking

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement Criminal Justice and Standards Training Commission added the course Human Trafficking into the basic law enforcement and corrections curriculum in 2001.

I have been involved in facilitating this course at the Broward College Institute of Public Safety since 2001.

When the course was first presented there was very basic information and case studies available on the topic and common examples of the crime were limited.

In 2017 the crime of human trafficking has expanded to the point where there are numerous sources of pertinent information and modern examples of the crime nationally and internationally.

The course is currently budgeted as a four hour block of instruction when in fact there is enough basic information to provide 16 hours of content.

Students currently receive the information in a traditional transfer method of lecture and viewing videos.

The course should be modified to allow interactive interviewing techniques in an apprentice model of learning. Practicing interviewing skills is critical in the development of how an officer gathers information.

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