ABC's Of Africa By: Matt Blake

A is for africa

Africa is the second largest continent.Africa was apart of a super continent called pangea.

B is for belief system

Major faiths in Africa are Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism.Superstitions include having a witch doctor in every community.

C is for cocoa

Cocoa beans are grown in Ghana.West africa supplies 2/3 of the worlds cocoa supply.

D is for Dagon

originated from the west bank of the niger river.worships one ancestor and the spirits who they encountered moving across the western sedan.

E is for Ethiopia

ethiopia maintained colonial rule until 1936. founded in 980 B.C.

F is for freedom day

made when all men and women, irrespective of their race came together.Is on April 27 in south africa.

G is for government

Africa has a constitutional serve in the military you must be 18 and females can't have combatant roles.

H is for H.I.V.

out of the 34million HIV positive people worldwide, 69% are in africa. there are roughly 23 million people infected with HIV in africa.

I is for Italy

brought workers who helped the development of the economy. colonized Lybia for trade opportunities.

J is for Johannesberg

K is for Kilimanjaro

L is for lavender

M is for Massai

known as great herders and warriors. once occupied a large are of east africa.

N is for Niger river

O is for Omo valley

P is for Portugal

Q is for Qu'ran

R is for Robben island

the 3rd largest desert in the world. its area of 9,200,000 square kilometers is comparable to the U.S.
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Matthew Blake


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