Getting To Know Me By Jake Triplett

If I could have an endless amount of food, it would be Eggo waffles. I choose this because I could eat them any time of the day.
If I could be any animal, it would be a cat. This is beacuse I really like them and they are very athletic and awesome.
My goal i would like to accomplish is to be happy in life. I choose this because i would not care what i end up doing in the future, as long as I'm happy doing it.
When I was little I loved Batman. I guess I still do because of how awesome he is and I'm a big fan of the Dark Knight movies.
The three heroes in my life are my parents, the actor Chris Pratt. and the youtuber who goes by Jacksepticeye. My parents are a good influence on me and I would like to be as good as they are. Chris Pratt is an Actor who is very powerful (for instance last Easter he put a giant Cross in his yard and shared it across social media. Jacksepticeye is a Irish gaming Youtuber who is very dedicated to his fan base and makes people laugh all across the world.
During the summer I enjoy to play Video Games. I love doing it in the summer because you can relax and play all day.

If They made a movie about me it would probably be something i did in the future so it would be an older actor being me. I would like Nathan Fillion or Chris Pratt play me.

If I was an Ice Cream flavor, I would be strawberry. I choose this because I really love it.

My favorite cartoon character is the Road Runner from Loony Toons. I really enjoy watching it and i'll still laugh watching it to this day. A couple of scenes of the show is in the button bellow.

I would love to visit New York. I like New York because i would love to visit Broadway to watch plays.
My dream job is to be a professional actor. I already act in plays at the local theater, but i would love to make money doing it.
I am a night person. This is because I could stay up and do stuff till very late at night but I have a hard time waking up in the morning.
My hobbies include playing video games, singing, and acting. I love to act in stage performances.
I am OCD on some cases. I like to have anything and everything perfect.
The weirdest thing I have ever ate was fried frog legs. I don't really remember, but i remember it sorta tasted like chicken.
My favorite thing about my family is how much me and my brother are the same. We both love the same shows, music, video games, and both pretty much have the same personality.

One Unique or Quirky habit I have is that I talk to myself aloud. Most of the time, people will think I'm talking to them, but honestly I am not.

If I could describe myself in three words, it would be Christian, Actor, Geek. Why I picked Christian should be straight forward, actor is because I act in plays, and geek because I am a gamer, I love comics and TV shows.

If my life was a movie, it would be a comedy. It would be because I am very sarcastic and i just think it would be.

If I could be anyone but me, I would be a famous actor. I would want to be because it is what my dream job is in the future.

Created By
Jake Triplett


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