Visual Shot List + Contest photography + videography | Operation Jabez Eastern Visayas

Here are the types of shots we'd like to see, overall guidelines, and a few other details. Read it carefully, and have fun!

  • Close-up evangelism shots
  • Candid shots of evangelism, discipleship and other ministry work
  • Candid shots of delegates and partners in day-to-day activity
Shot List*
  • Arrival to location or briefing
  • Host church including pastor and/or congregation
  • Training for church planting
  • Evangelism (one-on-one or group), from delegates and church partners
  • Discipleship (follow up bible study or coaching with leaders)
  • Baptism
  • Community work
  • Interaction with locals
  • Video testimonies of participants or new believers**
OJ Cebu
OJ Cebu

*Action Oriented: Photos that tell a story. Give someone a glimpse into Operation Jabez. A picture of people sitting and listening to a speaker during training doesn't quite achieve a story as well as a picture of a group of delegates engaged over the Scriptures in a Bible Study.

**Testimonies can be done in their local language and include subtitles or transcript. Ensure that the voice is audible and the background noise is minimal.

Faces over Scenery: We want photos and videos of the scenery, landscape, architecture and lifestyle of the local people where you live. However, for 98% of your photos/videos, we want delegates' faces WITH these things!

OJ Mt. Province

Take pictures of daily activities you may think are mundane, but those who are not with you would find interesting - photos that put the viewer there in the moment WITH your mission. Think of photos that show MOVEMENT or COMMUNICATION happening in the life of your mission.

Think: How can we communicate LIFE in our mission? MOVEMENT. ACTION. ENGAGING.

OJ Cebu
OJ Mt. Province

This contest is open to all delegates of OJ Eastern Visayas 2017. We'll be giving awards to the Best Photo and Best Video submitted by April 18, 2017.

  • Best Photo: Communicates movement, action, and engaging. Maximum of three entries per person. Include a 50-word or less story on what is taking place per photo. One winner of Php2,500.00. He cannot join Best Video category.
  • Best Video: Maximum of two minutes. Communicates movement, action, and engaging. Clear audio and submit transcript. One entry per person. One winner of Php2,500.00. He cannot join Best Photo category.

Submit entries to with your name, team/location to on or before April 18, 2017.


Created with images by Gloss Girl - "Leyte - San Juanico Bridge" Photos by OJ Cebu team, OJ Mt. Province team, Cru

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