The American Flag Jalynn Bishop & Tucker Burgess

The national flag of the united states of America is a patriotic symbol for Americans all over the world. The U.S flag is also a symbol of freedom the 13 strips stand for all the colonies and the 50 stars stand for all the states. And the united states flag is red white and blue.

The first flag was really called stars and strips. Some people think Betsy Ross sewed the first flag and other people think Francis Hopkinson designed the first U.S flag.

The U.S flag means that we have lots of freedom. And the U.S flag is a symbol of American freedom.

The U.S. flag flies outside post offices, and schools people fly flags for holidays like Independence Day and Memorial Day there is even a U.S. flag on the moon. And the symbol today stands for Veteran's Day and Memorial Day to represent Americans still alive today and Americans that have died.

Did you know that you can't just throw away the American Flag! Because it represents our country and all the wars we had and it also represents the whole USA.

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