HappyFace By: ed rodriguez

HappyFace is about a kid who has gone through a lot of stuff and then starts this HappyFace "experiment." He falls in love with this girl named Gretchen. So he does everything in his power, to have a happy face even though he is going through a lot at the time. So the

So the setting starts in HappyFace's dad's boat. Where he is trying to flirt with Chloe. It doesn't work out well. Then he moves into a crappy apartment with his mom because his parents got divorced.

HappyFace has many friends in this book. Like Chloe, Gretchen, Foggy, Oddly, Trevor, Mike, and more.

Gretchen is the girl HappyFace talks about a lot. He is madly in love with her. She may be one of the prettiest girls at his school, but she is also strange and has problems at home. She is the prefect girl with some weird hobbies.

So HappyFace's family consists of his mom, dad, ad his brother. His brother got killed in a car accident (Chloe was with him) and that caused more tension with his parents than usual. So they ended up divorcing, and HappyFace goes live in a crappy apartment with his mom.

HappyFace's brother passed away from a car accident because he was drinking and driving. He had Chloe with him. She almost lost her life. She was seeing him behind HappyFace's back. Which later in the book you'll see how Happy confronted her about the whole situation.

His english teacher also taught his brother. He would get on Happy's nerves. Even though he hates his class, that't how he met Gretchen, the girl he is madly in love with. His teacher actually cares a lot about his students, so when he was seeing that Happy was failing, he went to Happy's place and would talk to his mom. Happy hated this. He hated all of it.

So around the end of this story, HappyFace and Trevor are talking and Happy says something that hurts Trevor's feelings completely. So Trevor punches Happy so hard that he lost a tooth. Happy didn't hit back or anything. But he was the one who got OSS.

So in the end Happy apologized to everyone about his behavior and apologizes to Trevor. He talks to Chloe a whole lot after this. HappyFace was just an experiment.

By the way, HappyFace's name is never revealed, so the experiment is still going on.


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