How to heal the world By Naroa Hage

Contamination in cities has been getting worse in the past few years because of the excess of waste, cars and factories pollution.

The atmosphere is more polluted everyday and it is causing the air we breathe to be toxic and affect our health.

Most humans don't realize how bad this problem really is and don't do anything to prevent it which means that the environment gets contaminated and the number of extinct species gets higher.

This is a very big problem, a lot of species are being affected everyday by contamination and this forces organizations like: 'Animal Help' and 'Green Peace' to create a suitable and safe environment for animals.

Some of the species that are more affected by this problem are:

Killer whale


Polar bear




Blue whale


Monarch butterfly

Sea lion


Red tuna


If it were humans, in danger of extinction, would you like to be dying?

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