I was 10 when the 18 amendment was enforced it said the US is “sober” this made my parents very cross because we lived in three rooms above a bar we run. The bar ws shut down and my father tried to change the bar into a cafe but no one wanted our tea so he opened a hair salon but that got closed.

Eventually dad gave up the only money we had was from mom’s job it wasn’t a lot because she was a waitress. We have barely any food. One day my father made me go to the store to get a tomato and when i was walking i saw a group of men were being arrested for having booze and there was a billboard that said vote dry in big red letters.

That night I heard my parents talking “it’s kind of sketchy.”

“It will get us money fast plus it’s easy!”

“Where will you keep it?”

“Under the bathroom floor.”

I didn’t know what on earth they were talking about so three days later i went into the bathroom and lifted the floor board. There was a big cubord filled with bottels of liquor there must have been atleast 100. I ran as fast as possible to the police station not thinkin about what would happen to my parents I told them everything. my parents were arrested and I lived in an orphanege.

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