Reception Autumn 2021 Our first half term at School

We’ve had an amazing start to your child’s Reception learning journey. Back in September we opened the doors to you all to a stay and play session. It was great to meet you all and get to know our new children. We can’t believe that was 7 weeks ago, we’ve enjoyed every minute, seeing the children grow in confidence, build new friendships and enjoying learning.

You shared your hopes and dreams.

The children shared their family holiday books.

What did you do during the holidays?
An amazing way to get to start a conversation and get to know each child.
An excellent way to share experiences.

Our families are such an important part of our lives. It was great to talk to the children about their families.

Our Literacy Journey begins


We loved meeting Sarah, Percy and Bill

Our first key text was Owl babies. We were amazed at how quickly the children could recall the story using the text map. We chose the text because it was about the mother owl leaving her babies but always coming back. We talked about your parents leaving you at school but always coming back for on an evening.

Bringing our story to life.

We had some very special visitors to school and we even held an owl.

Mark making

We enjoyed making our own text maps, retelling each part of the story as we added our own pictures.


Our second text map was Room on the broom, we couldn’t believe it when a broomstick and a pointed hat appeared in our classroom, then the day after some characters appeared from no-where.

Is there room on a broom for a dog like me?

Amazing mark making and drawing linked to our key text.

Then the dragon escaped from the book, he was spotted in the play.

We created traps to catch the dragon and even built our own dragon like the one from the book. We planned the ideas and adapted them whilst we were building.

Maths in the environment

We have enjoyed developing our maths skills including counting using different number songs and rhymes, using numicon and exploring number towers.

Counting gems into the holes in the logs.
Building numicon towers
Ordering numbers
Using loose parts to count and link to the numeral.

Amazing learning in our environment

Finding about changes in the seasons.

Making pumpkin pie spice in the dough area.
Using our cutting skills to make pumpkin soup in the texture kitchen.
Developing control of our tools, we’ve been cutting, slicing
We loved doing repeated patterns when making conker kebabs
We developed our fine motor skills by hammering golf tees into pumpkin and stretching elastic bands around them.
Look at the focus whilst using a real hammer.
We celebrated the harvest festival.

Our texture kitchen

We enjoy being in the texture kitchen cutting, slicing , stirring and creating our own recipes.

We even created a Chinese take away and talked about Chinese food.

Outdoor learning is so important.

We love being creative indoors

Next half terms learning journey

Finding out about people in the past

Remembering events in the past including Poppy Day and Bonfire night.

Celebrating different festivals from different religions including Christmas, Diwali and Hannakuh.

Developing our knowledge of number bonds, one more and one less and looking at repeated patterns.

Our key text will be Stickman and the Christmas Story

We will be developing our performing skills, singing songs as we prepare forte Nativity.

Key Events

  • 12th November 2021 - Children in Need
  • 15th November 2021 - Phonic Parent workshop
  • 6thDecember 2021Christmas Tree Festival
  • 7th December 2021 - FS2 Nativity (Further information to follow)
  • 10th December 2021 - Christmas jumper and dinner day.
  • 14th December 2021 - Reception Christmas party.

What an amazing half term it’s been great to see all the children settled, happy and enjoying their learning. All the team would like to thank you for your support during the half term.