Children of Eden By: Joey Graceffa

The city of Eden


On Earth, everything was destroyed. There are no plants or animals anywhere. That is until Aaron Al-Baz made a whole new area where people could live called Eden. Humans had to live in this place for a thousand years until Earth was healed by the EcoPan. In the city of Eden, it is illegal to have two children to control the population. Rowan is a second child. She spent the first sixteen years of her life hiding in her home with the help of her mom and brother, Ash. If she gets caught, she is dead right in the spot. Desperate for a taste of the outside world, Rowan makes a daring move and leaves her home just to say that she saw other people besides her family. What she didn't expect was to find herself hiding and jumping in an adventure to find who she is when all she can do is run.


Rowan: A second child with golden brown eyes and dark brown hair who is outcasted for being born after her brother, Ash. Unlike most second children, her parents got her to survive and now she is kept in closed in walls. For sixteen years she lived like this until all she wanted was to see what Ash saw everyday. She didn't feel like it was fair that he got to see the world and she had to be trapped. She made her risky move like she always does and went outside which was her best and her worst decision ever.

Lachlan: The first second child that Rowan ever meets when he saves her. He is a heroic boy who takes risks to save the Underground, a place where all second children live, and everyone in it. He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty to help someone he likes out. He's very smart and knows how to get around Eden without anyone recognizing that he is a second child.

Ash and Rowan


The author writes, "I've thought about going out so many times. There are days when I think of nothing else, when the lure of freedom consumes my thoughts and I can't draw, or study, or run. Now, tonight more than ever before, as I think about that one detail about Lark's outfit and how Ash doesn't know it and I don't know it and I may never know it, Eden seems to call me with its strongest voice yet, and though I'm terrified, I swing my other leg over the edge of the wall -my elation overpowering my terror" (Graceffa 10).

This quote is important because it's the start of her freedom outside of her house. This paragraph sets up the rest of the book and makes the ball start to roll in the story line. Rowan got tired of living in a world where she is so void of nature and communication that she had to break out, leading her to start her adventure and meet Lark. Her climbing up the wall and swinging her leg to the other side showed that she was ready to face danger just to be happier than she was inside. She wants to find herself and her house wasn't the place to.

Rowan climbing the wall


The theme of Children of Eden is to take a chance and do whatever makes you happy. Throughout the book, Rowan finds herself getting closer to others and finding who she really is; a second born child. She realizes that being a second isn't too bad and should be looked at as something to be proud of. She's different and she becomes aware of it. Sometimes being different is what makes you special and that's what took Rowan so long to figure out.

Author Background

Joey Graceffa is a famous YouTube personality with over 7 million subscribers. Graceffa was born on May 16, 1991 in Marlborough, Massachusetts. He has one brother and one sister. He was educated at Marlborough High School in 2009 and started a film class at Fitchburg State College, but left after he completed one year. Joey started uploading videos to YouTube when he was 16 years old with his friend Brittany Joyal on their channel called WinterSpringPro. In the later years of 2009, he started uploading to his own channel which he named JoeyGraceffa. He posts videos daily and has more than 860 million total views from around the globe. His gaming channel has a big amount of subscribers too, reaching him to more than 9 million subscribers in total. In 2013, Graceffa participated in the reality show 'The Amazing Race' with his best friend and also YouTuber, Meghan Camarena on the 22nd season. At the beginning of 2014, he released his web series 'Storytellers' which boosted his fame higher than ever before. He even played a part in the series as the main character, Hunter Crowley. On May 19, 2015, Joey released a memoir titled In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World.


Joey Graceffa

Vocabulary in the Novel

altruistic- showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish.

The author states, "But I don't. Because the world doesn't work like that, and people don't think like that. We're not all altruistic" (Graceffa 269).

dilapidated- (of a building or object) in a state of disrepair or ruin as a result of age or neglect.

The author tells, "But now I have to find a place to hide while I figure out how to survive the next hour. Or minute. Someone is crossing the dilapidated street, heading right for me" (Graceffa 115).

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