My Goals by aryanna harris

One Year Goal

In one year i will want to own my own car by saving up all my money. I love to just get in a car and just drive i don't need a specific place to go i just keep driving. I will want to graduate high school by getting straight a's so i can get a good scholarship to practice law for college. I will want to quit working at taco bell and get a better job that i could be good at. I will be 18 and i could start applying for better jobs.i I will want to have moved out of my home and get my own place, because i just like to be in my own head space.

" one of the principle responsibilities of leadership is defining goals for the vast majority of people who aren't able to do it themselves".

Three year goals

in three years i will want to be successful in my freshman year of college, because i would have to have good grades to practice law. 2. i will want to be working at a job that i can have while going to college so i would have something to do in my free time apart from studying. 3. i will want to have a drive and attitude for school better than i have had in high school. 4. i would want to be skinnier than i am right now by eating more healthy and not eating fatty foods.

Five Year Goals

In five years i will want to have graduated harvard, and begin to try and start to work at a law office. I would want to have a relationship with some one who understand me and the love of my job. I will want to have a good working car buy saving up money from my job. I will an to have a loft because it is not too big as a house, but not small like an apartment.

ten year goals

In 10 years i would want to be a successful lawyer. I would want to be starting my family with a husband that adores me. I would want to have a big house, because i like to have space for an office and a space i can just get alone time. I would want to have 4 kids perferably 2 boys 2 girls if possible. I would want that just to be the start of my career.


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