Pennsylvania Colony, Founded 1681 Alexis Tainsh

~William Penn was a very important person in the Pennsylvania Colony, he was the founder.

~Originally, the king of England owed William's father, Admiral Penn debt, and William wanted land in North America, since the king was happy to get rid of his debt do easily, he gave William land.

~The land was almost the size of England.

~One reason Penn founded the colony is because he wanted people to have free choice of religion.

~He famously said,"Men must be governed by God, or they will be ruled by tyrants."

~He let all types of religion into his colony, most people there were either Quaker, Catholic, Lutherans, or Jewish, but there were also many others. Once people realized Pennsylvania has no set religion, people from all different places rushed to buy land.

-The main weather in Pennsylvania was warm summers and mild winters. There was mainly fertile soil, that was very good for farming.

-Do you ever wonder why the middle colonies were called the "breadbasket colonies"? Its because the middle colonies mainly grew grain, wheat, rye, and barley used for bread.

-They also had livestock, iron, and furs.

~Pennsylvania Colony was a proprietary government, which means it is ruled and controlled by one or more proprietors.

~Men usually owned farms that were 50 to 150 acres. Most men were either farmers, farm laborers, factory workers, craftsmen, or traders.

~Women usually held the jobs of cleaning, cooking, planting vegetables, and spinning yarn.

~Most jobs, for men and for women, were on a farm.


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