20% Project By Gavin Scollard

About Me: All my life, I've always enjoyed playing video games, all my brothers were gamers and so was I. Most importantly, my dad was a gamer, my dad and I always had a great relationship but the biggest way we would bond was playing playstation together, so gaming has become a big part of my life.

20% Project blog #1: Garion and I are discussing how we will start creating the videos on Xbox One.

20% Project blog #2: Garion and I are discussing the plans and how we can edit the footage.

20% Project blog #3: I haven't been able to pay for the materials required yet so we haven't been able to start.

20% Project blog #4: I finally got the game so we can start the project now.

20% Project blog #5: Garion is absent today, but we have decided to start creating videos this weekend and discussed that we will also try to create videos on Wednesday's.

20% Project blog #6: We are having technical difficulties with our microphones, if we don't have the microphones, there won't be any commentary, we are working on a solution this weekend. We are probably going to live-stream it on Twitch and than upload it to YouTube.

20% Project blog #7: We have already started creating videos, we are also going to try to start looking for more followers maybe using social media, we will still create content over the break

20% Project blog #8: Our production of videos has come to a halt because of technical difficulties and I have to pay for my Xbox online subscription.

20% Project blog #9: I'm renewing my subscription and we will start creating multiple videos a week, for our symposium,

20% Project blog #10: We finally we're able to start posting videos to Youtube! We have about 8 videos total and 4 of them are uploaded to our Youtube channel.

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